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Trusted protection. Simple to sell. Grow your business.

IT solution providers get lower servicing costs and reduced onsite visits with APC Smart-UPS Lithium-ion. Learn how to deliver 2x the battery life and remote management capabilities to customers.
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APC 12U Series Smart UPS

Why Smart-UPS

APC Smart-UPS enables IT solution providers to provide more resiliency for your customers and expand your revenue opportunities through our design and configure tools and programs below. Select the best option for you!
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Lessons in Edge Computing

IT professionals have one mission: ensure continuous digital learning. Find out how our partner, SISAB, modernized and standardized to a secure and reliable IT solution for Education.
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Providing APC Certainty

The trusted protection you need at the most critical moments. Smart-UPS has a 4.6 out of 5-star review because you helped us install 120 million APC UPS worldwide.

Trusted protection. Simple to sell. Grow your business.

APC Smart-UPS enables IT solution providers to provide trusted protection to their customers while expanding their hardware and managed services business, all made simple with tools and programs.
IT solution providers need to deliver trusted power protection to customers while growing profitably. APC Smart-UPS Lithium-ion offers simplified management while reducing your costs.
Learn more about EcoStruxure Ready Smart-UPS
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