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Can I physically interconnect multiple NetBotz devices?

Published date: 23 July 2020

Can I physically interconnect multiple NetBotz devices? 

Product Line: 

NBRK0200, NBRK0250, NBRK0450, NBRK0550, NBRK0570, NBWL0355, NBRK0455, or any of the older version 2 appliances. 

Customers often call asking if there is a way to physically interconnect NetBotz appliances without a network connection. 


Other than a network connection, the only interconnection that should be done with NetBotz is to connect USB or A-link pods to a NetBotz appliance. You should never try to interconnect multiple NetBotz appliances through USB, A-link connections are only to be used for sensor pod 150 or 155 units or an AP9520TH. Similarly, the sensor ports should not be connected to anything other than the specific sensor or group of sensors for which it was designed. 

The A-link port is not a network connection and attempting to connect for instance a NetBotz NBRK0250 to another NBRK0250 using A-link ports has been seen to cause physical issues in some instances. It is advised that you only connect the sensor, network, or A-link cables to the proper ports and check the user manual should you be unsure. 

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