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How to assign a fixed IP address to SmartConnect enabled Smart-UPS

Would like it configure SmartConnect enabled Smart-UPS with a fixed IP address AKA static IP address.

Product Line:
SMTL, SCL, SMT, SMC, SMX, SRT model Smart-UPS with embedded SmartConnect network port.

Smart-UPS with embedded SmartConnect network port



For SMT with firmware 4.1 or greater and SMTL, SMX, or SRT model Smart-UPS
From the LCD panel scroll to Configuration and using the down arrow scroll to Menu Type. Set the menu type to Advanced. Then using the down arrow scroll to UPS IP Address Settings and press enter. From the UPS IP Address Setting menu you can change from DHCP to Manual and enter a static IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS.

For SMT model with firmware less than 4.1 and all SCL, SMC models
To set a fix IP address for the embedded SmartConnect network port you must log into the router the UPS is connected to via the network. Find the mac address of the UPS that has registered with the router. The mac address is the product ID number. It will be found on the sticker on top or the back of the UPS.

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Depending on the router you will allocate an IP address to a specific mac address or reserve an IP for a specific mac address. See the router user's guide for assistance.
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