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Why did I receive a different input plug/power cord on my APC Rack PDU (AP8453, AP8653, AP8853, or AP8953)?


Why did I receive a different input plug/power cord on my APC Rack PDU (AP8453, AP8653, AP8853, AP8953)?

Some purchases provided the following:

Other purchases provided the following:

Is this the correct plug? Are there any differences?

Product Line
  • Rack Power Distribution
    • AP8453, AP8653, AP8853, AP8953
    • Various AP7XXX and AP8XXX SKUs

  • All serial numbers
  • All firmware versions


The cord sets/plugs are purchased from two different vendors as part of Schneider Electric's Supply Chain purchasing strategy and to protect against issues arising from a single source. While different in appearance, both plugs shown above have the same specifications and meet APC by Schneider Electric design and test standards. They are tested in the same manner leaving the factory. Both of the plug sets in the above example (and in any instance) also have the necessary compliance certifications.


Both plugs provide equivalent functionality. Moving forward, a user may see input plugs/cords manufactured by different suppliers on various Rack PDU models. Though these plugs may be from different suppliers, the functionality remains the same.
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