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ISX-GEN-ATS; how do I recalibrate the ATS panels Generator fuel level?

Published date: 14 April 2016

ISX-GEN-ATS; how do I recalibrate the ATS panels Generator fuel level?
Product line:
All models, all serial numbers
The following steps may be used to calibrate fuel level at the ATS by the customer after filling or topping off their diesel Generators fuel tank.
ATS running firmware rev 1.05> the customer may reset their fuel level to 100% via the Power view display, this may need to be done after refueling the gen-set. See procedure below.

If you’re experiencing Run Time discrepancies then performing this calibration procedure should also help correct the run time displayed.
  1. Ensure generator tank is full. (If tank is not full show customer how to calibrate fuel level when they fill the generator.)
  2. Scroll to ‘Config’ menu on ATS Power View display.
  3. Scroll all the way down to “Cal 100% Fuel Level”. Hit <enter>
  4. The Power View will briefly (for 4 seconds) display "*** CAL FUEL LEVEL TO xxxxx” where xxxxx is the measured resistance of the fuel level sensor in tenths of ohms.
  5. Go to “Generator” menu on Power View and confirm Fuel Level shows 100%.
Fuel level and run time should now estimate properly.

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