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Technical Spec’s on a ACPA4000

Published date: 03 September 2020

This article contains all Technical Spec’s on a ACPA4000.
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All Product models, all serial numbers.
Technical specification.
Inlet temperatures/humidtiy BTU/HR        
@95/83% 13273        
@80/67% 9554        
@72/60% 8257        
kW Kw Sensible      
@95/83 3.89 2.75      
@80/67 2.8 2.67      
@72/60 2.42 2.39      
Width 23        
Depth 28.88        
Height 38.66 Not including Ducting    
Weight 210        
Shipping Weight 340        
Power Supply 115/60/1        
Power Consumption (kW) 1.6 kw/hr is a measure of energy  
Current Consumption (A) 14.4A        
Fuse Size (A) 20A        
Plug CFG NEMA 5-20        
Min-Max Voltage 110-120        
Power Cord 14 Gauge-10ft        
Unit RLA 14.4 amps        
Type Hermetic Rotary RLA 9.3 amps        
R22 Charge 2lb        
Operating Conditions (Min-Max) 65-95F        
LRA 54A        
Fan Charateristics          
Evap Fan Type Centrifugal        
Air Flow (CFM) 400 low/600 high        
Condenser Fan Type Centrifugal        
Air Flow (CFM) 800        
Evap amperages High speed is between 1.5-1.8 amps, low is 1.6-2.7        
Condenser amperages 3.3-4.6a, typical is 3.8a        
Air Differential switch Factory setting .8        
Safety Devices   Explanation    
Compressor Thermal Overload Delay Yes Protects compressor from overheating
Fan motor Protection Yes Protects fans from overheating  
Anti-freeze  Thermostat Yes Hot-gas by-pass prevents coil from freezing
Condensate Pump-Redundant Yes Dual Condensate floats protect unit from water leakage
High-Pressure Switch Yes Protects compressor from damage due to condensor blockage
Compressor Short Cycle Protection Yes Ensures compressor is delayed on any restart to prevent damage
Automatic Restart Yes If power is cut unit will return to last known operating condition upon power up
Programmable Thermostat Yes        
Control Panel Yes        
Programmable Schedules Yes        
Key Features          
Operating Cost per hour ($.14/kW)  $                                                                       0.22        
Humidity Removal (@72/60 Gal/hr) 0.01        
Condensate Pump Std Yes        
Sound Level (dB) 72        
Max Evap duct length 10ft        
Max Cond duct length 10ft        

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