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What the limitations and acceptable allowance for tilting an ACSC?

Published date: 15 July 2020


What the limitations and acceptable allowance for tilting an ACSC.


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Improper tilting during install and set up can cause compressor damage



The installation instructions (page 5) specifically state that any door not meeting the minimum requirements must be modified [see figure 1].  The InRow safety and handling sheet states the tip angle must not exceed 10 degrees using a dolly [see figure 2], but it seems to be more of a safety issue.  Any issues caused by tipping the unit more than recommended angle or not modifying the doorway to accommodate the unit could be seen as falling outside the warranty.


Figure 1


Figure 2


Nonetheless, if ample time is given for refrigerant oil and liquid to settle back into place there should no issues operating a unit after exceeding the tip angle.  The system should be given at least a minimum of 24hrs sitting correctly upright for all oils and refrigerants to return to their normal places. Then normal startup would be safe.


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