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Video: How to reset the PowerChute Network Shutdown web UI password and username.

Password error: unable to log on to PowerChute Network Shutdown web UI due to unknown username or password. 

PowerChute Network Shutdown (PCNS) v3.X and 4.X

All supported Operating Systems.

Lost/unknown username or password

To change your username or password:
1. Stop the PowerChute service.
2. Go to the group1 directory where PowerChute is installed.
3. Make a backup of the pcnsconfig.ini file - copy it to another directory and rename it to pcnsconfig-backup.ini.
4. In the group1 folder, open pcnsconfig.ini in a text editor.
5. In the [NetworkManagementCard] section of the INI file, set the following lines with your new values:
username= new user name
password= new password
6. Save pcnsconfig.ini.
7. Start the PowerChute service and log in with your new username and password.

For security, the password line will be deleted from the pcnsconfig.ini file when the PowerChute service is restarted.
The new password must meet the password requirements laid out in the PowerChute Network Shutdown user manual or this process may fail.


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