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SCOM communications with InfraStruXure Central 5.1.1 does not work if HTTP is disabled

Published date: 13 March 2018


SCOM communications with InfraStruXure Centraldoes not work if HTTP is disabled

Product Line:

InfraStruxure Central
StruxureWare Central
StruxureWare Data Center Expert.


SCOM integration SFSCOM200752


SCOM communicates to StruxureWare using http on port 80.


Disabling HTTP communications on ISXC will also disable communications between it and SCOM. This will occur even if the HTTPS port is open. Changing the HTTP port on ISXC will also cause errors and will not allow SCOM to communicate properly with the ISXC server.

HTTP must be enabled on ISXC on port 80 to communicate with SCOM

SCOM integration is no longer available for download.

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