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How do I install InfraStruXure Central 5.x Console on my Linux system?

Published date: 19 March 2018


How do I install InfraStruXure Central 5.x Console on my Linux system?

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The InfraStruXure Central console is a stand-alone Java application that can be run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux v4.0 or higher. Please follow up the steps to install ISX Central Console on Linux system:


1. Open the browser, and enter the IP address for the InfraStruXure Central server.  Download  the InfraStruXure Central Linux Console from the displayed Web page. There are two installer files available for Linux. One is a tar.gz and the other one is an rpm distribution.  Download either file and save to Linux system.  If you are about to install with the rpm package,  you will want to download  Linux Package Signing Key as well. This is because InfraStruXure Central rpm package is signed with a GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) key. It is recommended that you install the public package signing key on your system to prevent warnings or errors when installing the rpm distribution of the InfraStruXure Central client.

2. Login to the Linux system with root access and install  InfraStruXure Central Linux Client

For Installation with tar.gz such as isxcentral-5.0.0-669.tar.gz , change your working directory to the directory containing the installer file, run the command # tar zxvf isxcentral-5.0.0-669.tar.gz. A new directory  ""InfraStruXure_Central_5.0.0"" will be created under current work directory and the InfraStruXure Central Console launcher (InfraStruXureCentral) is added to this new created directory. 

For installation with rpm distribution like isxcentral-5.0.0-669.i386.rpm, change working directory to the directory containing rpm package, run the below commands:

# rpm --import   RPM-GPG_KEY_ISXC.txt

To manually verify an RPM package, you can run the command:
#rpm --checksig isxcentral-5.0.0*.rpm 

Note:If you skip the above 2 steps, you will get a warning message: Warning: isxcentral-5.0.0-669.i386.rpm: header V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID b911eb7e

# rpm -ivh isxcentral-5.0.0-669.i386.rpm

This will add a launcher (isxcentral)  to /usr/bin.

Note:  It is strongly recommended to create InfraSturXure Console launcher on the desktop of Linux.  Launching InfraStruXure Central Console needs X-window running on the Linux. 

3. Remove InfraStruXure Central client from Linux system  
If you installed Console with a tar.gz file, run the command # rm -r InfraStruXure_Central_5.0.0 to remove the directory and files Console installed.
If you installed with a rpm package, run the command # rpm -e isxcentral to remove InfraStruXure Central Console.

Please note that InfraStruxure Central version 5.x is no longer officially supported and it is recommended that customers use an up to date version of StruxureWare Data Center Expert.


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