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How do I add my Netbotz Rack Access PX HID (part number AP9361) as a shared pod on my Netbotz device?

Published date: 19 March 2018


How do I add my Netbotz Rack Access PX HID (part number AP9361) as a shared pod on my Netbotz device?

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NetBotz version 3
NetBotz rack access




The Netbotz Rack Access PX HID (AP9361 only) can be added as a shared Pod to any Netbotz device running 2.6.1 firmware or higher. It can also be managed by InfraStruxure Central.

This option only pertains to the Netbotz Rack Access PX HID (AP9361). The Netbotz Rack Access PX (AP9360) can be set up as a device crawler, but not as a shared pod.

In order to enable pod sharing, follow these steps.

1) Log into your Netbotz device as the administrator (this is necessary because you need access to the Configuration option. Click on Pod Sharing.


2) Once in Pod Sharing, click on Add Remote Device, and enter the following details. Make sure that the Netbotz Rack Access PX is online when you try to add it. You must make sure to enter the Host/IP address, port, user id, and password. Once entered click Ok.


3) Once entered, highlight the device, and click “Share Remote Pod”.


4) The device will now show up as a Shared Pod. You can now control the Netbotz Rack Access PX HID through the Netbotz


5) Once the Rack Access is configured as a Shared Pod, you can configure Shared Sensors as well. To do so, click on Share Sensors.


6) A window will appear displaying the shared pods. Select the Rack Access and select Sensors.


7) As an example, highlight “Front Lock”, and click Add below Thresholds. Select “Alert State Thresholds”.


8) You will now be in the screen where you can edit the threshold parameters. On the Basic tab, you can name the threshold, set the alert state, and insert email addresses to be notified.


9) Click on the Advanced tab. You can set the Return to Normal Delay, Alarm Severity, Alert Profile, User Specified URL, and User Specified Description. Cameras to trigger initiates various cameras to capture the desired image when the alert occurs. Click Ok. The Netbotz should now alert based on the door unlocking.



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