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Details Returned from APC Devices via Advanced Device Crawlers


Details Returned from APC Devices via Advanced Device Crawlers

Product Line:



NetBotz version 2 Advanced Device Crawlers.


The following information can be queried via Advanced Device Crawlers for APC UPS systems assuming the APC DDF (Device Definition File) is installed on the NetBotz appliance and the APC UPS is SNMP enabled. Please note that not all information listed below is available on all APC models.


  • Battery Status
  • Time On Battery
  • Remaining Battery Capacity
  • Internal UPS Temperature
  • Battery Run Time Remaining
  • Battery Replace Indicator
  • Number of External Battery Packs
  • Number of Bad External Battery Packs
  • AC Input Phase
  • Utility Line Voltage
  • Maximum Utility Line Voltage Last Minute
  • Minimum Utility Line Voltage Last Minute
  • Input Frequency
  • Reason For Last Transfer to Battery Power
  • UPS Status
  • Output Phase
  • Output Voltage
  • Output Frequency
  • Current UPS Load - Rated Capacity
  • Current Load Draw on UPS
  • Nominal Output Voltage
  • Maximum Line Voltage Before Switching to Battery
  • Minimum Line Voltage Before Switching to Battery
  • Ambient Temperature Probe 1
  • Relative Humidity Probe 1
  • Ambient Temperature Probe 2
  • Relative Humidity Probe 2
  • Outlet Control
  • Overload Condition
  • Low Load Condition
  • Current Load
  • Outlet Control
  • MSP Outlet Control
  • Nominal Battery Voltage
  • Actual Battery Voltage
  • Battery Current
  • Total DC Current
  • DC Power Plant Model Number
  • Automatic Transfer Switch Model Number
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