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Information Controller v 1.x Upgrade Procedure

Published date: 14 August 2013

"APC Information Controller Firmware Upgrade Procedure

1. Download the psx1_3_5.tar file from APC web site to a folder on the local client.

2. Log on to the Information Controller using the administrative Username and Password values, and click Connect.

3. Select Network in the navigation bar.

4. Select the FTP tab to make sure that FTP Access is enabled.

5. Use FTP to import the psx1_3_5.tar file to the Information Controller from the client.

a. At a command prompt, use the cd command to navigate to the directory that contains the psx1_3_5.tar file.
b. Type ftp and the IP address used to log on to the Information Controller in step 2, and press ENTER.
c. At the User prompt, type the Information Controller’s FTP username (the default is lowercase apc)and press ENTER
d. At the Password prompt, type the Information Controller’s FTP password (the default is lowercase apc) and press ENTER.
e. At the ftp> prompt, type bin (or binary) and press ENTER.
f. At the next ftp> prompt, type send psx1_3_5.tar and press ENTER.
g. At the next ftp> prompt, type bye and press ENTER to exit FTP.

6. Select ""System"" in the navigation bar of the Information Controller.

7. Select the ""Tools"" tab and click ""Update Software"". Highlight the 1.3.5 upgrade file and click the ""update"" button to install the psx1_3_5.tar update at the Information Controller.

8. After the Information Controller reboots at the end of the update, log back on to the Information Controller to confirm the update was successful by clicking on ""Help"" and then the ""About"" tab."

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