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Smart-UPS C Series FAQ

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Smart-UPS C Series FAQ

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All SMC models, All Serial Numbers


Product Information

  • What is the new Smart-UPS C series?
    • The Smart-UPS  C series is our new entry level Smart-UPS product designed for Entry-level Servers and Small Office / Home Office applications. They output a pure sinewave, are fully compatible with PFC power supplies, and feature a new LCD Interface. Identifiable by the prefix ""SMC"" in the part number, they are available as dedicated Tower or Rack-Mount models in 1000 VA and 1500 VA capacities.
  • What capacity are the new SMC units available in?
    • 1000 and 1500VA in both Rack and Tower form factors
  • What plug type do SMC models use?
    • Domestic units solid in North America use NEMA 5-15 plugs for input and output. International models sold worldwide use IEC C13/14 plugs.
  • What software is compatible with the SMC Smart-UPS?
    • The SMC Smart-UPS supports Powerchute Business Edition. SMC products do not have a Smart-Slot and cannot support a Network Management Card or Powerchute Network Shutdown. Models with a "C" suffix (IE: SMC1000C, SMC1500C) include Smartconnect Cloud Connectivity
  • What communications ports are available?
    • All SMC units have both a USB port and a RJ-45 style Serial port, only a USB cable is included with the product.  A serial cable is an option that can be purchased separately, Part number AP940-0625a. Models with a "C" suffix (IE: SMC1000C, SMC1500C) also include an ethernet port for Smartconnect Cloud Connectivity
  • Is the LCD display the same as I have seen on SMT and SMX Smart-UPS products?
    • No, the SMC LCD display is a simplified interface that offers graphic and LED statuses, with a display button that provides detail ratings on the power and load attached to the UPS.
  • Do the SMC units have switchable outlet groups?
    • No they do not.
  • What mounting hardware do the rackmount versions ship with?
    • SMC rack mount units ship with a rack mount brackets that are compatible with both 2 and 4 post racks.  It can be used with either square hole or threaded hole racks without modification. Users that desire more stability with a 4 post rack can purchase a 4 post rack mount rail kit,  part number SU032A separately.
  • How efficient are the new SMC models?
    • SMC models feature a high efficiency ""green"" mode  that achieves efficiencies of up to 98%.
  • What is the Warranty for ""C"" Sseries Smart-UPS?
    • 2 years from date of purchase for both the UPS and the Battery
  • How do I change the sensitivity setting from the LCD interface?
    1. - Turn UPS off
    2. - Press and hold the Power Button for 6 seconds
    3. - Sensitivity setting will display (Default setting is high)
    4. - Press the menu button to toggle through settings
    5. - After 4 seconds of no activity the unit will exit this mode and setting will take effect
      • (Note: You do not need to turn output power off if adjusting sensitivity via software)
  • How do I turn off the LCD display?
    • To activate LCD Power Saving Mode:
    1. Press and hold Display button for 2  seconds
    2. UPS will Beep to confirm Power Saving Mode is active
    3. LCD will now go dark after 60 seconds of no activity
    4. LCD will light when an event occurs or a button is pressed
      • - Repeat to deactivate
  • How do I initiate a Self-Test?
    1. Press and hold the MUTE button, then press the DISPLAY button for 2 seconds
    2. Unit will emit a short beep and Self-Test will start
    3. When the Self-Test completes the UPS will return to on-line operation
      • The self-test can also be initiated via the software.

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