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Back-UPS Pro NG - 120V

Back-UPS Pro

The Back-UPS Pro refresh provides premium battery backup and surge protection for home desktop PCs, network devices, gaming consoles, A/V equipment and other connected devices.

Back-UPS Pro - APC
Número de partel : BR1100M2-LM, BR1350M2-LM, BR1500M2-LM
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New KVM Product Introduction: KVM1116R

KVM Switches

The KVM1116R is the evolution of the KVM1116Q rack-level KVM switch from APC by Schneider Electric. KVM1116R offers a number of improvements on the current model, notably including FIPS 140-2 support for government security conformance, improved video resolution, and improved video processing capabilitieis. Even as data centers continue to virtualize, the KVM switch is still frequently included in new data center builds as a critically important tool for robust data center management solution. Now, the refreshed KVM1116R will be increasingly competitive in the IT channel, and allow APC to continue to provide solutions for all parts of the data center, from rack to row to room.

KVM Switches - APC
Número de partel : KVM1116R

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