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Verification of Matrix-UPS input voltage configuration
menu, then scroll through to check the input line voltage with the sub-menu Line = xxx. x Vac
Why is my Rack Automatic Transfer Switch inaccessible after a firmware upgrade?
Product Line ... identified by their UPS -like SmartSlot ... These models can be quickly identified by their UPS -like SmartSlot - their Network Management card is removable. ... Gen 2 - 3. X . X ... Gen 1 units CANNOT be flashed the 3. X . X firmware. If they are, the network card will go into a endless reboot cycle as it attempts to load the incorrect application version. However, the network card is accessible on the network for a short period of time (roughly 10 seconds) before each reboot.
Video: Back-UPS Pro M XS; Adjustment of unit battery transfer sensitivity.
Cause: UPS is not operating On- line or may be transferring to battery power frequently.
Things To Consider When Upgrading or Downgrading a Network Management Card 2 (NMC2) Device between v5.X.X and v6.X.X
... v6. X . X version of firmware ... ... .1. X . Will this ... ... v6. X . X version of firmware ... ... .1. X . ... .0. X or v5.1. X to v6. X . X ? Product Line UPS Network Management Card ... ... ), Smart UPS /Matrix application ... ... v6. X . X firmware with the ... ... v6. X . X but you standardize ... ... v6. X . X is a major ... v6. X . X of the firmware ...
UPS Network Management Card replace battery date year is missing or incorrect
... v3. X . X , v5. X . X firmware ... v6. X . X firmware Product Line UPS Network Management Card ... UPS Network Management Card ... ... to change your UPS's replace battery date ... ... v3. X . X , 5. X . X firmware) via ... To update the date/time on a Network Management Card 2 (v6. X . X firmware) via the web interface, go to Configuration->General->Date/time->mode.
MAC address Vendor ID of Network Management Cards, and other network devices changing
Product Line ... , Smart- UPS Online (SRT ... SmartConnect UPS ... A MAC address is a unique identifier given to a network card when it is manufactured. ... Network protocols that use MAC address (such as static IP addresses configured via DHCP, or the 802.1 x protocol MAC bypass) would need to be updated to include the new APC vendor prefix. ... The APC Device IP configuration wizard uses the MAC address to identify unconfigured APC network cards .
What are some features I need to be aware of while manipulating the config.ini file of a APC Network Management Card?
Product Line ... v3. X . X and higher ... downloaded using command line FTP or SCP ... ... options on the network card or unit it ... ... back on a network card , the override ... under the UPS device settings section ... specific section with UPS values and UPSOverride ... ... =APC_ UPS ... number of the UPS in which the ... On newer generation Micro-link UPS devices, such as SMX, SMT, SRT, and SURTD the following keywords in config.ini are protected by UPSOverride: ... For more details on UPS "generations," refer to .
Why is the Environment Tab missing from the web interface on my AP9631 NMC2 v5.X.X firmware?
... v5. X . X firmware? Product Line UPS Network Management Card ... ... v5. X . X ... UI or Command Line Interface of your ... Smart UPS and Matrix UPS - sumx APP ... UI or Command Line Interface) Try to reboot the NMC by issuing a Reboot Management Interface command via the web UI or via the command line interface. ... Note: Reference your UPS or other device's user guide on the proper procedure for doing this.
Using a UPS with X-10 Equipment
X -10 technology is a home ... -back"" the AC line to control common household items such as lights and appliances.
How to verify APC UPS is communicating over USB with Mac OS X
How to verify APC UPS is communicating over USB with Mac OS X Product Line :

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