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UI throws 503 error after restoring a backup to a NetBotz 750/755 from another NetBotz appliance

After restoring a backup to a  NetBotz 750/755, UI throws 503 error.

Product Line:


System settings may become corrupt if overwritten. To reproduce issue:

1. Configure all system settings
2. Navigate to Backup page / Take backup
3. Log into a different appliance that is already configured.
4. Navigate to Backup page
5. Restore the backup from previous unit
6. After restore, UI throws 503 error

Reset the NetBotz to defaults and configure the IP serially prior to importing a backup. Reset procedure:
connect using the micro USB serial configuration cable. Once connected, verify you're using the correct port in device manager, then use the following settings and connect with a terminal emulation program such as Hyper-terminal or Putty:

115,200 Baud rate
8 Data Bits
No Parity
1 Stop Bit
No Flow control.

Open the connection and hit enter until prompted for a login.
Log in using root and the password you had provided upon initial root login (done via serial connection), then when prompted to press enter within 5 seconds, type a capital X and hit Enter.

At the linux prompt type:
As of version 5.2.1, this command will change to:

In some cases, an extra command may help in cleaning the database such as may be the case if the firmware were downgraded for instance:
/netbotz_app/restart.sh stop cleanDB startApp startClubber
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En savoir plus

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