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How do I recycle APC batteries in the US and Canada?


How do I recycle APC batteries in the US and Canada?

Product Line:

Smart-UPS, Back-UPS


All models, All Serial Numbers


​Schneider Electric is committed to safeguarding our planet. Because batteries contain hazardous materials they must be disposed of properly.


For Smart-UPS and Back-UPS batteries:
  • Every official APC RBC that weighs less than 150lbs includes a certificate to print a prepaid return label for your used battery cartridge.
  • Pack the used battery in the packaging from the replacement battery cartridge and affix the return label. Once we receive your used battery we will recycle it free of charge.
  • If you need a duplicate return tag , or your return tag is missing, please contact the Customer Care Center via phone, email, or chat for assistance. Please have the model and serial number of the RBC available.

For 3-Phase batteries:
When Schneider Electric performs a battery replacement service, recycling is built in and we will take batteries off site. However, if batteries are purchased elsewhere and replaced by customer it is their responsibility to recycle them. Customer may choose to recycle batteries at a metal recycling center or drop batteries off at a Battery store such as Batteries Plus, Interstate Batteries, etc.
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