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BR/BX Back-UPS "LCD" display function - Full Time Display Mode


What are the steps for placing the BR/BX Back-UPS "LCD" unit into full time display mode?

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1. Ensure the unit is connected to utility input power, and the power on/off switch
is turned OFF (no power is supplied to the output connectors).

2. Press the DISPLAY/HOLD TO MUTE pushbutton, and hold it in for 10
seconds. All five blocks in the Battery Capacity bar will flash OFF and ON, which
indicates the unit is in pushbutton programming mode.

Note: A rotating selection method is used that allows you to step through the
display modes using the DISPLAY/HOLD TO MUTE button until you
select the display mode you want. For example, in Power Save mode
none of the blocks are lit. If all five of the blocks are lit, it indicates
the LCD is in full time mode, and will remain on full time.

3. When you rotate through the selections and reach the display mode you want,
press and release the DISPLAY/HOLD TO MUTE button to select the display

Note: If no buttons are pushed, and no operations occur for five seconds, the
unit automatically exits pushbutton programming mode.

4. Once you have selected the desired display mode, continue with normal

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