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Which service bypass panel should be used for single phase Symmetra UPS systems?


There are many single phase service bypass panels; which one should I use with my single phase Symmetra UPS?

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Single Phase Service Bypass Panels


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Due to their design, different UPS systems require different service bypass panels.


This table provides a reference as to which service bypass panel must be used for a single phase Symmetra system.

Bypass PanelUPS SystemsRelay TypeBypass InputUPS InputUPS OutputPDU Panel
SBP6KRMT2USymmetra 6k RM 200/208/240Make-before-breakL6-30P, HardwireL6-30R, HardwireL6-30P, Hardwire(1) L6-20, (2) L6-30
SBP6KRMI2USymmetra 6k RM 220/230/240Make-before-breakHardwireHardwireHardwire(4) C19
SBP16KTSymmetra Power Array: 208 InputBreak-before-makeHardwireHardwireHardwireHardwire
SBP16KPSymmetra LX 200, 208, 240V; Power Array 240 Input; 12k RM 200, 208, 240VMake-before-breakHardwireHardwireHardwireHardwire
SBP16KRMI4USymmetra LX 200-240V;12k RM 200-240Make-before-breakHardwireHardwireHardwire(3) 30A Hardwire
SBP16KRMP4USymmetra LX 200/208/240Make-before-breakHardwireHardwireHardwire(4) L14-30
SBP20KPSmart-UPS RT 20KMake-before-breakHardwireHardwireHardwireHardwire

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