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Video: How to download UPS event logs from the NMC2 card over a network

Fecha de publicación: 16 April 2019

How to download 3 Phase UPS event logs from the NMC2 card over a network.

Product line:
AP9630, AP9631,AP9635
Smart-UPS & Smart-UPS Online
Symmetra RM & Symmetra LX
Smart-UPS VT-Galaxy 3500
Symmetra PX1 and PX2 3 Phase UPS’s

All UPS products using Network Management Card 2 (AP9630, AP9631, AP9635)

When Symmetra UPS experiences a fault or failure, these event logs can be downloaded to used in troubleshooting and can be sent to tech support to assist in troubleshooting the fault.

Provides an easy manner of downloading event logs remotely to assist in troubleshooting.

Downloading UPS logs from your Network Management Card 2.
  • Enter your User Name and Password.  The Default Username and Password are both "apc".
  • Click the "About" tab.
  • Then click "Support".
  • On the bottom portion of the screen click "Generate Logs".  Note: File generation may take a while to complete.
  • When file generation is complete, click "Download".
  • The file generated will be downloaded to your default download location. 
  • Locate the file and email it to the email specified by your Technical Support Engineer

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