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What are the minimum load requirements for the ACRP DX?
The InRow RP continually adjusts its cooling output to accommodate varying loads.
Why is my ACRP excessively cycling?
The InRow RP works to prevent this by giving an "Excessive Compressor Cycling" alarm. ... The ACRP DX needs to be given a constant heat load of at 12kw or more. If there is empty rack space without blanking panels, the cold air flowing to the hot aisle will reduce the heat load that the RP is given. ... In the Inrow configuration, the supply air setpoint controls the temperature of the air the unit supplies to the cold aisle with compressor control.
What is the difference between the leak sensors AP9325 and AP9326?
All InRow Units ... AP9325 is used for the gen1 InRow RC , InRow SC, InRow RD, and Environment & Monitoring Systems, whereas the AP9326 is just for the gen1 600mm InRow RP , RD, and RC ... 600mm InRow CW 600mm InRow DX
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InRow Firmware Upgrade via multiple NMC Cards(ACRC, ACRP , ACSC, ACRD)
NetworkAir, InRow , Firmware, ACRC, ... , ACSC, ACRD, InRow RP , InRow RD, InRow RC, InRow SC,
What is the difference between an InRow RP, InRow RD (600mm), and InRow RC (600mm)?
These units are the equivalent to an InRow RP with the exception that they do not have the equipment for electric reheat and humidification control ...
Can I use the ACSC1XX with Hot Aisle Containment System (HACS)?
Also in configurations were HACS is required it will make more sense to offer the InRow RC, RD, or RP units .

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