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Symmetra PX2; Why are the NMC Data Logs Blank?

Published date: 28 June 2019

NMC Brain card (0G-9354A) in two new UPS (PX2) recording empty Data Log. The Event Log is ok, but the Data Log only has the date and time.  In the filter, you have only "integrated EMU"

You can see all measurements of the UPS in respective menus in real time, but no data in data.txt log file...
 FW: AOS v6.5.0, PX2 APP v6.5.0

Product line:
Symmetra PX2, SYCF100KF, PX100

All models, all serial numbers

We were able to replicate this issue in the lab.  It is caused due to improper configuration of the switchgear settings in the UPS Display.

On the display go to Switchgear, then Factory, then Switchgear and set to None.
This will reboot the NMC card and will show the data logs correctly.  You might get UPS faults about lost comms etc. (depending on local set) up but the log should be good. Then re-set the Switchgear setting on the display to the correct configuration for your local set up. None will be the correct setting if you do not have any external switchgear connected.

See below chart for proper configuration:
PDU NAM Used when; PX2 100kW PDU products are present
PDU NDF Used when; Dual Mains PX2 100kW PDU products are present
PDU/XR Used when; All in one (AIO) Frame such as the PX48
OTHER Used when non-modular PDU is present, such as PDPMQ (with 0M-5103 Brain CAN) OR a modular PDU that has no modular breakers installed
MBP Used when MBP is present
NONE Used when; no PDU or MBP is present


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