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How deep must the ar7580a Cable Manager be installed so the AR7581A Hinged Cover can open 90 degrees?
Cause: Customer needs to be able to fully open the hinged cable cover to add, move or change cables .
Is there a depth extender for the rear or front of NetShelter SX cabinets? Is there a way to bay the rear of cabinets that are different depths?
The roof of the depth extender is not load bearing. Do not run cables , troughs or ladders atop the depth extenders.
Can I run cables over the SC? If so, how many?
Yes, there is a cable support bridge trough available as an accessory (acac10021).
Can the ar7708 Hot Air Recirculation Prevention Kit be used in a NetShelter SX Networking cabinet?
The kit includes several cable routing covers and airflow restriction strips.
What width cable ladder will attach to the pass-through data cable partitions?
NOTE: AR8164ABLK and AR8165ABLK both contain hardware that allow cable ladder to attach to the NetShelter partitions and troughs .
Uniflair BACnet (Building Automation and Control Networks)
All the units must be fitted with a RS485 card, trough that they are connected to the RS485 serial cable .
InRow RC Standard and Optional Features
Power Trough (Overhead power distribution between racks) Data Partion Trough (Allows removal of RC unit without disrupting cabling )
BMS AP9921X-AP9922; what specific alarms will set the “Management Controller Alarm?
It is possible to use a standard CAT5 data cable to interconnect the Expansion ... done, one must insure that the cables are NEVER connected ...

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