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    NetBotz Rack Access POD 170/171 | Manual and Installation Guides
    Resolution: NetBotz Rack Access Pod 170 (for APC SX rack )
    NetBotz appliance configuration resets to default with Rack Access pod connected.
    If a NetBotz Rack Access pod 170 label is changed, subsequent HID card swipes will cause increasing corruption on the NetBotz appliance.
    How to I monitor NetBotz alarms using Modbus?
    In this case, I am using Rack Access Pod 170 (03)
    NetBotz Rack Access PX - HID (AP9361) | How many NetShelter SX racks can be controlled?
    An APC NetbBotz Rack Access PX - HID ... ) can control access to just 1 NetShelter SX rack (front and rear door).
    Is the AP9361 (Netbotz Rack Access PX - HID) compatible with VX racks?
    Is the AP9361 ( Netbotz Rack Access PX - HID) compatible with VX racks . ... NetBotz ... NetBotz rack access ... No. The AP9361 ( Netbotz Rack Access PX - HID) is not compatible with VX racks . The AP9361 is only compatible with the SX and SV racks . The NetBotz rack access pod (nbpd0171) uses the same handle as the AP9361 and it too is incompatible with the VX racks .
    What Proximity Cards are supported by the NetBotz NBACS125 & NBACS1356 Rack Access Control Systems?
    The NBACS125 Rack Access Control appliance supports the following Proximity Cards ... Additional packs of 10 cards (ap9370-10) can by purchased from APC by Schneider Electric. The NBACS1356 Rack Access Control appliance supports the following Proximity Cards ... http://www. apc .com/salestools/MKEY-ADCS74/MKEY-ADCS74_R1_EN.pdf ... : Pod Sharing with the NBACS125 / NBACS1356 Rack Access Control systems is NOT supported at this time
    After installation of my AP9361 into my SX rack, the handle gets jammed when I command it to open by the web interface or proximity card. Is this typical?
    NetBotz Rack access NetBotz Rack Access Handles ... of the AP9361 Rack Access PX should open ... To remedy this issue perform the following when installing the Rack Access PX lock handle: 1.) Slide the Rack Access PX lock through the opening in the enclosure door where the original lock was located. ... APC is also currently reviewing other actions that can be taken in conjunction with this torque requirement to further simplify the installation of these handles to prevent jamming. ... Please contact APC Technical support at (800) 555-2725 for further assistance.
    NetBotz 750 | Physical Description
    ... Description of the NetBotz 750 NetBotz version 5 - Rack Monitor 750 NetBotz v5. ... ... devices (sensor pods , rack access pods , and temperature ... ... for connecting a NetBotz Leak Rope Sensor ... 5 Rack Access Ports* Ports ... ... Used to connect APC by Schneider Electric ... ... sensors require the NetBotz Dry Contact Cable ... sensors require the NetBotz 0-5 ... 10 Wireless Sensor Coordinator USB Port with Wireless NetBotz USB Coordinator (nbwc100u) installed. ... Update the firmware to access these features.
    How do I Configure NetBotz appliances to send e-mails on an alert?
    Netbotz appliance does not ... Netbotz NetBotz version 2 and ... (Not NetBotz 200 or Rack Access ap9360/AP9631 ... For a Netbotz appliance to email ... Netbotz appliance must be ... ... notification within a Netbotz appliance. Please also be sure to use the same version of Advanced View as the version of Botzware installed on the NetBotz appliance. For the latest version of Advance View please navigate to the following URL http://updates. apc .com/botz/av/install.htm ... Double click on Sensor Pods Select Sensor Pod that requires modification (default is Sensor Pod integrated) and click Sensors
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