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Can StruxureWare Data Center Expert output a 32 bit register with its Modbus output?
To configure this option, go to the system menu and building management settings .
Data Center Expert | Getting Started Managing Data Center Expert Appliance Settings
How can I mass configure an Network Management Card (NMC) or NMC embedded product?
Method 2 - InfrastruXture Central/StruxtureWare Central/StruxureWare Data Center Expert
Video: Data Center Expert | How do I Configure the Date/Time, NTP Server, and Regional Settings?
Resolution: 1) Open the DCE client and navigate to the System Menu > Server Administration Settings > Time Settings .
Video: How do I configure StruxureWare Data Center Expert to send e-mail notifications?
Test email setting by going to the Systems drop down menu located at the top of the client Select Server Administration settings
Video: Data Center Expert | How do I configure the network settings?
1) and log into the DCE Client software. 2) Navigate to the System Menu > Server Administration Settings > Network Settings .
Data Center Expert | Why do I not see certain menu options in the desktop client?
menu, system, server administration settings , administrator, dce
Setting Up IPMI on StruxureWare Data Center Expert Enterprise
To enable and configure IPMI administrators must use the "IPMI Server Management Configuration Utility".
Video: Data Center Expert | How do I delete old data?
2) Open the System menu > Server Administration Settings

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