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APC KVM Switches and Corresponding Cables/Server Modules
APC KVM Part Numbers and Corresponding Cables/Server Modules ap5260 - 25' SUN (VGA) Cable AP5261 - 25 ' USB Cable
Where can I get support for APC and MGE Products?
For support on APC and MGE products please visit: http://www. apc .com/support/ ... APC CS APC Enterprise Manager APC ES APC RS ... Desktop KVM ... KVM Switches ... Power Cords ... USB Adapters & Converters USB Cables USB Charging Cables USB Hubs
Can I connect a Macintosh computer to my Analog KVM Switch (ap5201/ap5202)?
... to my Analog KVM Switch? Rack Accessories - KVM Switches ... APC does not sell a KVM cable that connects direct from the ap5201/ap5202 KVM switch to a Macintosh computer. ... APC engineering has tested use of part number 19044 ... (PS/2 to USB adapter) to be used in conjunction with the ap5201/ap5202 KVM switch. The 19044 connects to the PS/2 connection on your KVM cable. The USB adapter then connects to your Macintosh computer. ... APC engineering only tested this configuration with Macintosh computers running version OSX 10 or higher.
Does the Shellshock Vulnerability affect APC products?
... Shellshock Vulnerability affect APC products? APC Network Management Cards APC InfraStruXure Manager ... APC Digital IP KVM Switches (KVM1116P, KVM2116P, KVM2132P) ... - On 25 -SEP-2014, the GNU Bourne Again Shell (Bash) Vulnerability, also called the "Shellshock" Vulnerability (CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-7169) was detected and published by several Cyber Security outlets ... Please contact your local APC Technical Support for the updated version. ... APC Digital IP KVM Switches (KVM1116P, KVM2116P, KVM2132P) do not utilize BASH and therefore are not affected.
What is a KVM Switch?
KVM stands for K ouse. KVM switches provide users ... KVM switches generally have ... APC by Schneider Electric manufactures multiple KVM switches, specifically ... ... IP/Digital KVM models include 16 ... ... A Digital IP KVM can be assigned ... to access the KVM and servers through ... ... IP/CAT5 KVMs can also be ... ... ) Digital IP KVM with CAT5 analog KVMs tiered off of the KVM server ports located on the IP KVM . ... IP and CAT5 KVMs over the web ... ... , the IP KVM must be the ... ... IP or CAT5 KVM via server modules ... ... IP or CAT5 KVM .
Why are the Overload and On-Line LEDs flashing on my APC Back-UPS?
... flashing on my APC Back-UPS ... ... Back-UPS USB , Back- ... Back-UPS CS, Back-UPS PRO, Back-UPS USB , Back-UPS LS, Back-UPS NS/XS/RS ... 2. If the battery is disconnected while the unit is On-Line and then the UPS goes to battery (either because of a power problem or because the UPS's input power cord is unplugged) this will also occur.
USB Specifications for the WallBotz 500
USB Specifications for the ... USB specifications. WallBotz 500 USB Specifications 6 USB ports 4 USB channels ... points (internal USB ports) share a USB channel USB ports A & ... USB port C has ... USB port D has ... USB options increase the length that USB devices can be from the USB host: USB Cables ... Maximum of 16 feet (5 meters ... Attach USB devices to USB hosts/hubs USB Hubs ... up to 80 feet ( 25 meters) Use standard USB cables to chain ... USB Repeaters / Extenders USB cable with integrated ...
How do I reset the password on my KVM (ap5602, ap5610, AP5615, AP5616)?
Issue Forgotten or lost password on my APC KVM Switch - models ap5602, ap5610, AP5615, or AP5616
Which firewall ports are required to be open in order to establish a KVM over IP connection with the AP561X series of KVM switches?
Resolution The Video Session Viewer on the AP56XX line of APC's KVM switches communicates with the KVM over TCP ports 8192 and 2068
Configuration of an APC USB UPS and Multiple USB Devices
Issue: What does APC recommend for configuring an APC USB UPS and Multiple USB Devices?

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