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PowerChute Network Shutdown v4.5, v5.x reports Unable to connect to Cloud Licensing Server.

When attempting to connect to the PowerChute Licensing Server, the software reports, "Unable to connect to Cloud Licensing Server. Please verify you have internet access and try again."

PowerChute Network Shutdown

PowerChute Network Shutdown version 4.5, 5.x for Hyperconverged and Virtual Infrastructure;
Examples: PowerChute for VMware ESXi with vCenter Server, Microsoft Hyper-V

Network connectivity

  1. Verify the PowerChute server can reach the internet. If it cannot, you must use the activate offline method.
  2. Verify the proxy server settings are correct if in use.
  3. If a proxy server is not in use, ensure all entries for proxy information are blank. By default, PowerChute ships the port number filed in. Port 80. That information must be removed/deleted.

Unable to connect to server

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