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For OSHPD Preapproval (OSP) of Smart-UPS and NetShelter VX or 2-Post Rack: is it required to install all of the Smart-UPS models shown in the test documents in order to meet OSHPD compliance?

Need to know if the UPS models on the list can be installed as needed, or if the exact test setups need to be duplicated.

NetShelter VX Seismic and 2-Post Racks, all versions and serial ranges.


The OSHPD Preapproval (OSP) document shows specific combinations of Smart-UPS installed into the cabinet/rack for testing.


No, it is not required to duplicate all of the Smart-UPS that were installed into the cabinet for testing. It will still be compliant with just one UPS from the list.
Various Smart-UPS are installed for testing just to add loads at various heights in the cabinet.
It is best practices to install all heavy equipment, like the Smart-UPS and batteries, at the bottom of the cabinet.

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OSHPD OSP 2016.pdfOSHPD OSP 2016.pdf [3.27 MB]
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