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Is the AR3104 roof interchangeable with the AR3103 and AR3106 roof, and visa-versa? Will the standard NetShelter SX roof fit these cabinets too?

A different style roof is requested.

Product Line:
NetShelter SX

AR3103, AR3104, AR3106, all versions and serial ranges.

A more secure roof may be needed, or availability may cause need for a substitution.


AR7261 is the replacement roof for AR3103 and AR3106. It has two round openings and a brush strip.
WAR7210 is the replacement roof for AR3104, and is considered a high security roof. It has three round openings.
AR7201A is the replacement roof for AR3100, AR3105 and AR3107. It has five brush strip openings.
All three roofs are compatible with every cabinet listed above.

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