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Can the vertical cable trough from the rear of the front left hand rail of a NetShelter Networking cabinet be moved to the left hand side, or is there a version that installs onto the right hand rail?

A customer is asking if the vertical cable trough can be moved to the right hand rail, or if a version for the right hand rail is available.  

Product Line: 
NetShelter SX Networking cabinets. 

All versions and serial ranges. 

A customer wants to close off the rear of the front right hand rail of a NetShelter Networking cabinet, using the same vertical cable duct as the front left hand rail. 

The vertical cable trough that's installed behind the left front rail in a NetShelter Networking cabinet cannot be moved to the right hand side. 
There is no similar part made to be installed onto the rear of the right hand rail. 
The NetShelter Networking cabinets are designed to be used with side airflow duct kits, which is why the rails are much thinner. This provides maximum airflow when side airflow switches are installed with duct kits. 
Each NetShelter Networking cabinet ships with a set of Airflow Management Panels that are used to block any open areas above or below where a side airflow duct kit is installed. These can be seen in the Manual on page 24: https://www.apc.com/salestools/JKUR-7U7SPU/JKUR-7U7SPU_R1_EN.pdf 
If the Airflow Management Panels are missing the kits are available as spare parts. For a 42U cabinet please use 0M-10457. For a 48U cabinet please use 0M-10804. 

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