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NetBotz 455 | Physical Description

Physical Description of the NetBotz 455 and 455A

Product Line:
NetBotz v3
- Wall Monitor 455A (NBRK0455A)

NetBotz 455/455A (All firmware versions)


Physical Description - Front

1Vented internal sensorsVented opening for airflow, temperature, and humidity sensors.
2Network link LEDShows the status of the network connection. Blinks to indicate network traffic (green = connected at 10 Mbps; yellow = connected at 100 Mbps).
3Power LEDIndicates whether the unit is receiving power (green = receiving power; dark = not receiving power)
4Camera LEDBlinks steadily when the integrated camera is active.
5Alert LEDIndicates the alert status of the system.  When more than one alert exists, the most severe will be indicated.
- Flashing once every eight seconds = Informational
- Flashing one very four seconds = Warning
- Flashing once every two seconds = Error
- Flashing once every second = Critical
- Flashing twice per second = Failure
6Temperature display- Displays the current temperature from 0 to 99 in Centigrade or Fahrenheit. The Temperature reading comes from the internal temperature sensor. If the temperature exceeds 99, the display will flash 99.
- When the unit first receives power, displays the unique identifier number for one minute.
- If an alert exists, flashes at the same rate as the Alert LED.
- During firmware upgrade, displays 88.
7Lens housingMust be removed to change the focus of the integrated camera.

Physical Description - Back
1Microphone jackSupports audio sensing, audio recording, and two-way audio. Maximum length of microphone cable: 3 m (9.8 ft).
2Speaker jackSupports two-way audio.
Maximum length of speaker cable: 3 m (9.8 ft).
3A-Link portUsed for cascading NetBotz sensor pods and temperature and humidity sensors with digital displays. Provides communications and power to the connected devices over standard CAT-5 cabling with straight-through wiring.
410/100 Base-T network portProvides for a 10/100 Base-T network connection and power through Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). (The appliance operates at 100 Base-T only.) Status and link LEDs indicate network traffic:
- Status LED: blinks orange and green at start-up, then indicates the status of the network connection (solid green = IP address established; blinking green = attempting to obtain an IP address).
- Link LED: blinks to indicate network traffic (green = connected at 10 Mbps; orange = connected at 100 Mbps).
5Sensor ports (4)Used for connecting APC by Schneider Electric sensors, third-party dry-contact sensors, and standard third-party 0-5 V sensors. Third-party dry-contact state sensors require the NetBotz Dry Contact Cable (NBES0304). Standard third-party 0-5 V sensors require the NetBotz 0-5 V Sensor Cable (NBES0305).
6USB-A portUsed to connect a USB device to the appliance.

The complete NetBotz 455 Installation and Quick Configuration Manual can be found here.

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