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Questions on upgrading 3 phase UPS systems capacity and runtime

Questions on upgrading 3 phase UPS systems capacity and runtime

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APC and MGE UPS systems

All 3 phase UPS systems

When you are ready to increase the capacity on your UPS there are several options depending on UPS type for either upgrading via simple changes to programming or via changes to the hardware to allow for more load capacity and / or more runtime.

Whenever deciding to upgrade there are several things that should be taken into consideration:
UPS Type – MGE or APC?
MGE units have built in programmable capabilities to allow capacity increase by simple programming.
APC units are modular and expandable by adding more power modules and batteries.
In both types you will need to confirm the OCPD (over current protection device) and wiring feeding the system is rated for the capacity you wish to increase to, if they are not then you will need to add in costs for large wiring and OCPD to match the capacity chosen.
A third option for increasing capacity is to go with parallel and while not all of our units allow for parallel many do.

Once you have determined which type of UPS you have and how you wish to increase capacity and / or runtime and have verified the wiring and OCPDs the next step is to consult sales for information on costs –
Here is a link to our website and the how to buy section -

You can also go through your regular sales people that you purchased the system thru or obtain services through currently.

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