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Can I connect more than one Coordinator to the NetBotz Rack Monitor 250 wireless sensor network?

Each wireless sensor network must have one and only one Coordinator, connected only to the designated Wireless port on the Rack Monitor 250.

The Coordinator for the wireless sensor network on the NetBotz Rack Monitor 250 is under a plastic cover, connected to the port labeled Wireless. This is the only Coordinator allowed on the wireless sensor network.

Connecting an additional Coordinator to any other USB port on the appliance disables the Coordinator connected to the Wireless port.

Product Line
NetBotz Rack Monitor 250

NetBotz Rack Monitor 250
NetBotz USB Coordinator & Router

A firmware issue allows the Coordinator to enumerate when it is connected to a USB port other than the designated Wireless port.

Use the Coordinator connected to the Rack Monitor 250 Wireless port as the only Coordinator on the wireless sensor network.

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