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What are the BTU/hr rating for NetBotz appliances?

Published date: 22 July 2020


What are the BTU/hr rating for NetBotz appliances?

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When building a data center, cooling is a key factor to maintain proper operational temperatures. This article contains the BTU/hr rating for NetBotz appliances.


The information below contains calculations for a fully populated NetBotz Appliance

NetBotz Rackmonitor 450/550
Part Number  NBRK0450, NBRK0550
Max Power Draw = 240W
BTU/hr = 800

NetBotz Rackmonitor 570
Part Number  NBRK0570
Max Power Draw = 480W
BTU/hr = 1600

NetBotz Wallmonitor 355/455
Part Number NBWL0355, NBWL0455
Max Power Draw = 12.0W
BTU/hr = 40.94

The following formula was used to calculate BTU/hr
P(BTU/hr) = 3.412141633 × P(W)

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