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Behavior for individual outlet group shutdowns with UPS Interface Expander 2 SmartSlot Card (AP9624)


The behavior for individual outlet group shutdowns with UPS Interface Expander 2 (AP9624) needs to be understood. This behavior is not currently explained in the Interface Expander 2 User's Guide.

Product Line

  • All serial numbers
  • UPS types with outlet groups


There may be some confusion regarding shutting down individual outlet groups in a system where the Interface Expander 2 is installed in the SmartSlot. Note, some configuration information and shutdown scenarios are also documented in knowledge base article ID FA176957.


There is no configuration interface for the Interface Expander 2 other than the DIP switches used to set the shutdown mode. Therefore, the Interface Expander 2 cannot be associated with or assigned to a particular outlet group of the UPS. As a result, the design for the Interface Expander 2 behaves as follows:
  • If the entire UPS is shutting down, then the Interface Expander 2 will start its shutdown.
  • If only a particular outlet group is shutting down, the Interface Expander 2 will not start its shutdown.

Thus, outlet groups that have Interface Expander 2 simple signalling clients connected to them should never be controlled individually but should instead be controlled as part of the entire UPS.

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