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PDPM, Modular PDU; How to remove hinges on PDPM


Removing hinges on PDPM

Product line:

PDPM, Modular PDU


Modular PDU


The hinges on the PDPM are snap in hinges and cannot be removed like other racks


Here is your answer on the removal

The hinge is a purchased part with two spring loaded tabs that lock the hinge in the hole (blue circles).The hinge locks into a rectangular hole not shown.To remove the hinge, you have to insert a screwdriver into the bottom slot of the frame (red circle), depress the spring loaded tab (blue circle), pull the bottom portion out about 2mm to make sure the spring loaded tab engages and is held down by the hole.Then you do the same thing to the top tab through the top slot and pull the hinge out.Sort of like disassembling the toy tabs on a kid's toy.It is just about as fun as that too.It is not easy, but it looks like that is the purpose of the slots in the frame.

Once it is out, it should just snap back into the new location.

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