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Can the holes in the rear roof of a NetShelter SX cabinet, or the gap along the bottom of the cabinet, be closed off?

Some customers want to close off the openings in the rear of the roof, or the gap between the cabinet frame and the floor.

Product Line:
NetShelter SX

All versions and serial ranges.

The roof of the NetShelter SX cabinets have open holes in the rear, and there is a gap between the cabinet frame and floor.

Sku AR7731 has magnetic brush strip covers and magnetic strips to close off the holes in the roof and the space between a cabinet and the floor. There are enough pieces for 10 cabinets.
The AR3104, AR3810, AR3812 and AR3814 have a different roof design which do not require the magnetic brush strip covers. The magnetic strips to close off the frame from the floor are still applicable.

UPDATE: Many of the NetShelter cabinets now have redesigned roofs with larger openings in the rear for larger power connectors, and these openings are brush-stripped. These include the AR310X, AR315X, AR330X and AR335X.
Please also see FAQ FA313596: https://www.apc.com/us/en/faqs/FA313596/
Cabinets installed before the roof was changed will have roofs with open holes in the rear. Customers wishing to convert the roofs on existing cabinets should purchase new roofs. To check for the correct replacement roof sku please use the NetShelter Accessory Compatibility Chart found at FAQ FA158651: https://www.apc.com/us/en/faqs/FA158651/

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