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What steps can a customer take when a NetShelter cabinet is delivered damaged?

What are the procedures to follow when a NetShelter cabinet is damaged in transit?

Product Line:

All versions and serial ranges.

Shipping damage to a NetShelter cabinet has occurred.

If you receive a NetShelter cabinet and there is any damage please follow these instructions:

  • If the delivery person is still available please note on the shipping documents that the unit was damaged. Make sure the delivery person knows. If the carrier was not made aware of the damage at time of delivery please contact them now. Also contact your reseller and make them aware of the damage, let them know that APC is investigating if we can repair/replace it.
  • Take photos of the damage. Please photograph both the packaging and the cabinet.
  • Note the model and serial number. It's on a label inside the rear door on the upper frame, and also on the packaging.
  • Please make an electronic copy of the signed shipping document and the packing list, a scan or photo is fine.
  • Call the APC Customer Care Center. In North America the toll free number is 888-722-5272. Outside of North America please contact support for your country.
  • Please have the following information available: model and serial number, copy of the packing list and signed shipping document, photos.
  • We will confirm the shipping information, help assess the damage and determine the correct course of action for resolution. Many parts of the cabinet are user replaceable.
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