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AP9613 Dry Contact I/O SmartSlot Card Low Battery Event Indication Not Working


No matter what the low battery signaling time/low battery duration value is set to on my UPS, the AP9613 Dry Contact I/O SmartSlot card does not activate the "Low Battery" output relay until two minutes of runtime is remaining.

Product Line
  • UPS Device Management
    • AP9613 Dry Contact I/O SmartSlot Card

  • AP9613 firmware v101
  • Micro-link UPS models including those with the following model prefixes
    • SMT
    • SMX
    • SURTD


Due to a firmware bug affecting Micro-link UPS types only, the AP9613 always assumes 2 minutes is the low battery signaling time/low battery duration setting no matter what the user sets the value to on the UPS itself.

This does not affect UPS-Link UPS types.


This has been addressed with firmware revision v2.0.1.

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