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Where are your NetworkAIR ACFM manuals?

Where are your NetworkAIR ACFM manuals?

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Data Center Cooling


The NetworkAIR ACFM has been discontinued and is not featured on our website as a current product.  Below you will find archived manuals that should be able to assist you.  If you require more assistance, please call our technical support office at 888-695-6500 and hit option 2 three times.

The modular, Floor Mount computer room air-conditioning system offers efficient, effective and economical cooling for a variety of spaces.  Computer room environmental requirements now reach far beyond the confines of the traditional data center or computer room to encompass a larger suite of applications,  referred to as technology rooms.  Critical environment applications include:
  • Computer rooms
  • Telecommunication facilities
  • Clean rooms
  • Power equipment
  • Medical equipment rooms
  • Archives
  • LAN/WAN environments

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ACFM O M And T Manual.pdfACFM O M And T Manual.pdf [588.6 KB]
ACFM Technical Data Manual.pdfACFM Technical Data Manual.pdf [1.62 MB]
ACFM Installation Manual.pdfACFM Installation Manual.pdf [1.92 MB]
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