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Video: Back-UPS XS/RS "G" & "M" Manual Adjustment for Sensitivity

Demonstration of the adjustment for the internal input AC Sensitivity and Transfer Voltages of the Back-UPS XS/RS 'G' & 'M' families.
Symptom may be seen as frequent transfers to battery power or constant "clicking" being heard from the unit.

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The Back-UPS detects and reacts to line voltage distortions by transferring to battery backup power to protect connected equipment. In situations where either the Back-UPS or the connected equipment is too sensitive for the input voltage level it is necessary to adjust the transfer voltage.

Process is to adjust for frequent line issues such as Line Noise (Total Harmonic Distortion), Brownout or Over Voltage conditions using the method below.
  1. Connect the Back-UPS to an AC power source. Be sure the Back-UPS is turned off.
  2. Press and hold the POWER button for six seconds. The load capacity bar will flash on and off, to indicate the Back-UPS is in Program mode.
  3. Press the POWER button again to scroll through the menu options. The Back-UPS will beep to confirm the selection. Refer to the table for an explanation of the transfer voltage sensitivity levels.
Sensitivity Indicators

For more instructions not mentioned on this knowledge base article, kindly refer to you equipment operation manual or follow this link and search for the model of you UPS.

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