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How to clear the password on the Matrix-UPS display?


How to reset the password of a Matrix UPS LCD display

Product Line

Matrix UPS


All serial ranges


The user has the option of password protecting the display to prevent tampering.  In rare instances a communication error may occur within the Electronics Unit of the Matrix resulting in this as well.


Reset the Electronics Unit (EU, the top half of the Matrix) by placing the Matrix into bypass using the rear panel rocker switch (see User's Manual) and unscrewing the rear bypass screw. (This is the big screw located on the rear of the unit between the top half, EU, and lower half, IU.) Now, reconnect the bypass screw and bring the Matrix out of bypass by moving the rocker switch back to its original position. Upon resetting the Matrix, you should have full access to the menus. If the problem persists or is seen on a recurring basis, the logic in the Electronics Unit may be faulty.

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