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AP8XXX Series Rack PDU Power Output Specifications (CAN & USB ports)


This article will review the power output capabilities for the CAN and USB ports on an AP8XXX series Rack PDU.

Product Line

  • Rack Power Distribution (PDU) Models
    • AP84XX
    • AP88XX
    • AP89XX
    • AP86XX


  • All serial numbers
  • All firmware versions


Information is provided for reference only.


Below is a diagram of the current AP8XXX series Rack PDU display for reference:

Item NumberDescriptionMaximum Output Power
7CAN Bus Ports (for Network Port Sharing use only)200mA @ 24VDC nominal (4.8 watts)
8USB Port - (for USB drive to upgrade PDU firmware only)100mA @ 5VDC nominal

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