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ISX Operations 6.2.

Data Center Operation: Capacity

The new version of InfraStruxure Operations 6.2 provides the customer with significantly enhanced features such as new and improved virtualization capabilities with VMware vSphere and server impact based on power and cooling events. It opens up for import of designs from ISX Designer to ISX Operations, while supplying the customer with enhanced network management tools including a network report. Finally, InfraStruxure Operations 6.2 is equipped with an analytics feature which collects and reports usage data and error log entries back to the product development team. InfraStruxure Operations runs in concert with InfraStruxure Central. APC offers a suite of InfraStruxure Management Software Configuration Services designed to implement the solution. New additions to support InfraStruxure Operations 6.2 include InfraStruxure Energy Efficiency Configuration Service, InfraStruxure Operations Administrator Training & InfraStruxure Capacity Administrator Training.

Data Center Operation: Capacity - APC
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