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    Where can I get the SNMP MIB for the NetBotz 750?
    Cause: With the release of the gen- 5 NetBotz 750 units, a new SNMP mib must be used
    Do alerts in StruxureWare DCE that come from the NetBotz 750 include images?
    The NetBotz 750 (considered version 5 NetBotz ) is discovered and ... similar to how the NetBotz 250 or an APC UPS is discovered.
    Ethernet Cables Supported by NetBotz CAT-5 Pod Extenders
    Environment: NetBotz cat 5 pod extender nbac0208
    Version 2 NetBotz ​0-5V sensor on Sensor Pod 120 reports double the actual voltage in Advanced View
    0- 5 V sensors connected to the NetBotz Sensor Pod 120 with the NetBotz 0- 5 V Sensor Cable (nbac0231) report ...
    Why does my 0-5V analog input on my NetBotz appliance read twice what it should?
    ... of 0- 5 V analog devices ... a 0- 5 V analog output, and the NetBotz appliance, is ... via a specific NetBotz cable ( NetBotz 0- 5 V sensor cable ...
    USB CAT-5 Pod Extender Specifications
    Resolution: The NetBotz CAT- 5 Pod Extender is composed of two main components:
    Polarity of 0-5V Sensor Cable nbcd0001
    One end of NetBotz 0- 5 V Sensor Cable is DIN6 (ps/2) connector, which goes to an external sensor ...
    Data Center Expert | Surveillance frame rate when NetBotz communication is SSL
    ... surveillance settings, the maximum frame rate Data Center Expert will receive from a NetBotz appliance is 5 frames per second.
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