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    Lumens Required for NetBotz 500 & Camera Pod 120
    Resolution: The NetBotz 500 Camera and Camera Pod 120 requires 15 to 20 lumens to operate
    NetBotz TFTP upgrade procedure.
    15 ) After the upgrade completes, issue the following command: reset <enter> (reboots the NetBotz Appliance)
    BTU ratings for NetBotz version 2 appliances
    Resolution: 320 15 Watt Max (50 BTU/Hr)
    User name and password lengths for InfraStruXure Central and Netbotz appliances for an SNMP version 3 inform.
    v3 informs only work under certain circumstances. md5/des user/password must be 8- 15 characters
    Power Specifications for NetBotz 500
    -Max Power(Wallbotz 500) : 21 Watts -Power Supply Inefficiency: 15 Watts
    What type of information can I see in a NetBotz SNMP trap?
    VarBinding 15 : = 1
    Camera Specifications for 300/303/310/400
    NetBotz ... NetBotz version 1 ... -The lens is 15 º adjustable at any direction on all models except the WallBotz 300.
    Pelco Sarix cameras do not get full frame rate with Botzware 3.3
    NetBotz ... NetBotz version 3 with 3.3 firmware. ... With the release of Botzware 3.3, NetBotz supports a new line of Pelco Cameras. ... Due to the large size of JPG images coming from the Sarix cameras, we are unable to pull the images from the camera and then show them or save them in an alert at the full 15 fps rate. We have tested 3 different cameras and have seen the following frame rates when set at 15 frames per second:
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