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Is there a limit to the number of e-mail addresses that can be configured to receive alerts from a NetBotz device?
Additionally, you can add multiple alert actions to an alert sequence and multiple sequences to an alert profile .
How Do I Eliminate Multiple Alert Notifications
- Maks sure the check box is unchecked for"Automatically add new alert actions to this schedule" for any alert profile sequences.
NetBotz 570/450: Beacon set to alarm for multiple threshold turns off after first alarm clears.
Probably the best workaround for this would be to edit the alert profile .
NetBotz v3 | How do I configure a PCNS Shutdown alert action?
... policies, including the default notification policy, are configured as you intend in the Alert Profile section of NetBotz Advanced View.
NetBotz v3 | How do I manage user credentials and login alerting?
Login failure alert profile to can set to any of the defined alert profiles to provide a login failure security email.
Output control options on a Netbotz version 3 appliance
2. Select options for Unplugged alert severity and Unplugged alert profile , and click OK. Output control external port settings
NetBotz 300-500 Series | Configuring Email Notifications
Verify that the email addresses has been received Associating an Alert Action to a Alert Profile
How do I add my Netbotz Rack Access PX HID (part number AP9361) as a shared pod on my Netbotz device?
You can set the Return to Normal Delay, Alarm Severity, Alert Profile , User Specified URL, and User Specified Description.
Mass Configuration of Users and User Preferences on Network Management Card 2 (NMC2) v6.X.X
Published date : ... that will apply to most, if not all, of your local users follow the Configuration > Security > Local Users > Default Settings ... dd-mmm-yy | yyyy-mm-dd>] ( Date Format) ... dd-mmm-yy | yyyy-mm-dd>] ( Date Format) ... command, or check the Web UI under Configuration > Security > Local Users > Management ... Your .csf file with any personal information removed, if required
NetBotz | Sending SMS Alerts as a Threshold Specific Notification.
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