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NetBotz Rack Access PX - HID (AP9361) | How do I configure RADIUS authentication for my card reader?
ATTRIBUTE APC-ACCPX-access4 11 string APC ATTRIBUTE APC -ACCPX-access5 12 string APC
What sensors are supported by the NetBotz Wireless Sensor Pod 180 (nbpd0180) ?
... Switch Sensor for APC Racks - 12 ft nbes0303 NetBotz ... Switch Sensor for APC Racks - 62 ... 50 ft nbes0302 APC Temperature Sensor - 13 ft AP9335T APC Temperature & Humidity ...
APC Environmental Sensors FAQ
If a customer wants to extend the length, APC engineers have extended the length using two 12 foot PS/2 extension cables with ...
Treck TCP/IP Vulnerabilities (ripple20)
On October 12 , 2020, Schneider Electric was provided ... how vulnerabilities in the Treck stack impact APC by Schneider Electric Network Management Cards.
Why is my AP561X KVM Switch Not Recognizing My Rack PDU for Power Management Integration?
You are using an APC Switched Rack PDU ... the RJ- 12 serial connection on a supported Switched Rack PDU is the required AP5641 power ...
Cable length for APC Temperature Sensor - AP9512TBLK
Resolution The cable length is about 3.6 m ( 12 ft +/- 1 inch).
How to verify APC UPS is communicating over USB with Mac OS X
... Back-UPS BR 700g attached to the system running Mac OS X 10. 12 .6 via USB.
Can I monitor and control APC's rack mount PDUs serially with a Netbotz version 2 or version 3 appliance and rPDU 3.x firmware?
NetBotz 500 supports up to 16 rPDU's. NetBotz 450, 455, and 550 support up to 12 rPDU's.

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