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Unable to access NMC3 via HTTPS using Chrome - ERR_CERT_INVALID

Users are unable to access an NMC3 with a self-signed certificate via HTTPS using recent versions of the Google Chrome browser

UPS Network Management Card 3 - AP9640/41/43
Devices that use an embedded NMC3, including but not limited to PDU (2022+ model AP8xxx, APDU9xxx), ATS (AP44xxA), and Smart-UPS/Symmetra UPS systems

A recent Chrome update is blocking the self-signed certificate ECC certificate that is used by default on an NMC3.

This will be addressed in a future version of firmware, and this article will be updated when a fix version is available.

Current work-arounds are:
  • Use a different browser
  • Use an older version of Chrome
  • Delete the ECC self-signed certificate on the NMC and generate an RSA cert. The commands can be performed via the CLI:
    • apc>ssl key -d
    • apc>ssl key -rsa [1024|2048|4096]
  • Use the CLI Security Wizard and a 3rd party certificate authority to create a signed certificate

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